Maicolen S.r.l. is a company founded in 1968 in the Biella area, which is the heart of the wool textile industry. And 'it specializes in the production of technical fabrics used in the field of finishing, in particular for atmospheric decatization plants and under pressure KD. The range of products offered to customers offers different types of satins for decatizing and high heat-resistant special materials for coating of the decatizing cylinders and for heat protection in general.

The fabrics we produce and finish entirely in our factories are the result of continuous research that we carry out in collaboration with our suppliers primarily to ensure the best possible and constant quality in the use of raw materials, with manufacturers of machines for decatization, and to maximize the qualitative performances with our customers and by meeting their high quality requirements.

The quality achieved by our fabrics, the internal controls in every processing cycle starting from the selection of the fibers used, the flexibility and service offered to our customers allowed us and consent us to consolidate our leadership position in the industry.